Bora is a celebration and rhythm of life.
We produce wines for people who celebrate every moment, dance and see every moment as an
opportunity for pleasure.

Passion for winemaking

Bora is a small winery firmly rooted in the region's tradition, the small Croatian town of Podgradina.

As the wind blows
our clusters turn

and just like our wine
show true character.

In their iconic packaging, Bora wines are the perfect gift to delight everyone.

Bora is the Latin name for the firm, persistent, cold local wind Bura, which whips our grapes. Our wines turn the word Bora into a taste of tradition on the palate.




Maraština brings freshness to the table, and dark red Svrdlovina conquers with its distinctly fruity aroma.

Vina Bora

Žuže 59
23242 Podgradina