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wines of NORTH dalmatia

Passion for Winemaking

Bora is a celebration and a rhythm of life. We produce wines for people who celebrate every moment, who dance, who see every opportunity for pleasure.

Playful, precisely vinified, our wines brings out the best features of its climate and the terroir of the Benkovac-Stankovac vineyards.


Pošip Bora owes its balanced, rich and appealing nose to attentive vinification, coming to fruition with tender fruity notes of dry apricots as well as floral and herbal aromas. The wine possesses uncommon mineral notes and a hint of yeasts. Its flavor is powerful with a moderate acidity, preserving a certain fruitiness. It pairs excellently with lighter dishes, pastas, poultry and whitefish

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc Bora has a light flavor, balanced fullness and pleasant refreshing character, and is fresh, palatable, aromatic and lively. It has an exceptional bitter aftertaste, pleasant scent and enticing, typical aromas of matured sauvignons. It pairs ideally with fish specialties, light meats, and a dessert.


Bora Cuvée is produced from three grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, and carefully matured in oak barrique casks. Dried fruit aromas from prunes, blackcurrants, along with spicy dark chocolate give it fullness and strength. It harmoniously embodies a lively acidity and fullness, the richness of extracts and a spiciness in the aftertaste. The wine is harmonic, powerful and warm.

A wine brand for every moment

Bora is a celebration and rhythm of life. Wine created for people who celebrate every moment, who dance, who see every moment an opportunity for pleasure.

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